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Privy Garden: Wren Niche

Conservation and repair of 17th Century brickwork

The Wren Niche is one of four brick niches in the boundary wall of the Privy Garden. It is the only one to survive unaltered from the time when the garden was laid out in 1688-90' the other three having been entirely rebuilt.

Works carried out in 1996 included poulticing of salt contaminated areas; mortar repairs to decayed spandrel panels; and repointing of fine brick joints. Also removal of cement pointing to the garden wall into which the niche is built.

The niche stands on contrast to that on the south side of the gate to the Pond Garden, which was rebuilt in the 1980's.

The works were carried out by St Cuthbert Conservation Ltd under the direction of Kate Anstead.

Above: Nice after conservation work.

Photo © HRP/Cliff Birtchnell








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