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Reigate Stone

Recording and research project 1997-2001

Reigate stone was used extensively in high status buildings in London in the medieval period.  Significant areas of Reigate stone survive at both the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace, although the condition of the stone has been cause for concern in recent years.

The research project was instigated by Historic Royal Palaces in 1996 to survey and record the extent and condition of the surviving Reigate stone in the Palaces, and to further understanding of decay processes and conservation techniques.

I have acted as co-ordinator for the Reigate Stone Research Project,  working with photogrammetrists, geologists, geomorphologists, building surveyors etc. We took samples from underground quarries in Surrey, which were analysed by Robin Sanderston, the geologist.

The interim findings of the project appeared in an article that I wrote jointly with Robin Sanderson, published in the Journal of Architectural Conservation in 2001.

For a previous summary of the project, with further information about the project objectives, methodology etc, click here.

Hampton Court Palace: kitchen shop doorway

Hampton Court Palace: kitchen shop doorway. Click for detail.

Photo © HRP/Downland Partnership




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