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London terrace houses

Illustrations by Alan Baxter & Associates and Keith Garner

Georgian house of circa 1720, drawn by Keith Garner
Above: Georgian house of circa 1720, characterised by a double roof, segmental windows and panelled interiors.



This publication was produced by English Heritage in 1996 to offer guidance to owners and building professionals contemplating alterations to terrace houses.   The guide contains information on the historical development of the terraced house in London;  guidance on alterations to structure, elevations and interiors, as well as advice on extensions in various locations.

I produced the six isometric drawings contained in the publication, working in collaboration with engineers Alan Baxter & Associates. The drawings were front and back views of an early Georgian house, a late Georgian house, and an early Victorian house

Copies of the guide can be obtained free of charge from English Heritage, Fortress House, 23 Savil Row, London W1X 1AB. 

Product code XH10873

London terrace houses 1660-1860. Cover.


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